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It's Been an Eleminute !

Greetings friends!

Happy May! Spring is in the air and there’s much catching up to do as it has been a minute. You all are long overdue for an update on what we’ve been doing and the status of the clinic at Elephant Nature Park.

First off, Elephants Austin spent time in Thailand and India in January. We visited the projects we support such as the Jumbo Troops in India and Elephant Nature Park in Thailand. We grabbed lots of wonderful photographic content for our socials and got to see what all of the elephants were up to. It was a truly inspiring visit and it was wonderful to see the Jumbo Troops in action, mitigating human elephant conflict and ENP continuing to care for their herds.

After our travels we switched gears in March. March is Austin’s SXSW film festival and we were lucky enough to host Sangita Iyer with Voice for Asian Elephants Society. She was chosen by the SXSW panel to present and she shined! Her presentation “The Climate Mitigators and Shackled Gods” drew the audience in and was well received. We feel grateful to have been a part of it and please check out her book “Gods in Shackles.” It’s available on Amazon!

And last but NOT least is our update on the clinic at Elephant Nature Park. We are all so excited for the construction to start. This state of the art clinic will be a care game changer for not only the elephants, but all the other rescued animals. Unfortunately, the repairs from the flooding of the river last fall have taken a front seat and they are taking longer than expected due to the high needs for funding. This project needs to be completed before the upcoming rainy season to make sure that all of the animal residents are safe. ENP is shoring things up and waiting on permits. Once everything is done a clinic WILL BE built! We will keep you updated on the progress.

Thank you so much for your patience and if you have any questions, we are an email away! Y’all have a wonderful May and please enjoy the attached photos of our journey through India and Thailand.

Warm regards,

Melinda Pharr

Founder Elephants Austin

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