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The Elephant Cakery

  Indulge in Delight and Inspire Conservation:

Elephant Cake, Celebrate with Purpose

Valentine's Orders are Closed

You are invited to join an  elephant party! So let the celebration begin with an elephant cake, a wondrous feast fit for these majestic beauties. This unique  cake creation combines the joy of a special event in life with the opportunity to contribute to the wellness  of the ethical  elephant projects we support in Thailand. 


Each cake is handcrafted with the appearance of a traditional cake with the nutritional needs of elephants. The elephant cake makers are true artisans and design a festive array of fruits and vegetables in fun and creative ways. The cherry on top is the message for your loved one that is carefully carved in an intricate manner. 


Normal turnaround time is two weeks. Once the cake is completed, your receiver will witness their joy with snaps and  a video, as they savor each morsel!

$50  Single Slice

Feeds 1

$200 - Sheet Cake

Feeds 6-8

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$100 Medium Cake

Feeds 3-4

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Cake orders are tax deductible.

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