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Join trunks with us  and become a foster parent today!


By becoming an elephant foster parent you are  supporting the entire herd with food, refuge and medical care. We encourage you to help us help them. For as little as $60 a year ( $5 a month), you can make a difference in their lives. These elephants have been hand selected from projects that are close to our heart. 


With your new role as a foster parent you will receive a certificate of sponsorship, a photo of your elephant herd and be invited to join our private Facebook foster parent group.

Heng Heng and Family

Heng Heng, her mother Kham Suk and  nanny Kham Noi live at Karen Elephant Serenity in Thailand. Baby Heng Heng was born into freedom at Karen Elephant Serenity  in 2019. Her mother and nanny were used for elephant riding before being rescued.  Thankfully, Kham Suk and nanny Kham Noi  are  experiencing a life free from the  saddle and other unnatural activities. Their days are now filled with time to be a family with Heng Heng. They love to roam the grassy fields and cool off in the stream. 


This is a project that is close to our hearts and they need assistance. They have occasional visitors, which helps, but does not cover the large quantity of food they need to exist day to day. Your dollar goes a long way in Thailand and we are grateful for any amount of support you can give to contribute to their care.

Kham Muen and Dodo

Kham Muen and Dodo are two sweet spirited brothers that  live in freedom at Karen Elephant Home in Thailand. Kham Muen was born in 1997 and worked in the tourism industry  until his rescue in 2016.  While working, he suffered the loss of one tusk due an injury. In  2016 he left this life of pain and joined his brother Dodo.


 Dodo came into the world in 2002 in a delicate state. He spent his early years walking beside his mother while she carried tourists on her back. He then later went on to perform tricks for tourists.  He has since moved on from a life of hardship and has easily settled into sanctuary life with his brother.  He and his brother enjoy meandering around the forest together, foraging and playing in the mud. 


Kham Muen and Dodo’s lives are immeasurably better now that they are at Karen Elephant Home. They have lots of space to roam and be free. Or as we  like to say, be more elephant. That being said, they still need your support. These boys require plenty of food to keep them healthy and happy and they can’t get all they need from their forest they roam. 

Sopa and her Herd

Sopa is one of  the newest  rescues at Elephant Nature Park and is 82 years old. She was rescued May 20th 2023 by Save Elephant Foundation with the  assistance of funds raised by  Elephants Austin and other nonprofits.  Sopa’s history is unpleasant. When Sopa was a teenager she labored in the log industry for decades, then her owner brought her to work in the tourist camps. She despised this job and  when tourists came to sit on her back she would shake the chair.  Needless to say, we are happy to see  Grandma SoPa spend her freedom  at ENP in her golden years.  SoPa doesn’t have a herd yet as she is just now finding her feet, so all of her fostering funds  will go straight to her care.  We look forward to seeing who she settles with!

All donations are tax deductible

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