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Contribute to The Elephant Initiative

The Elephant Initiative exists for the preservation of the Asian Elephants and their habitats.Our focus is to support ethical sanctuaries in Southeast Asia, with our primary focus being Thailand. We believe that single actions create  ripple effects  and that collective actions greatly impact the world these elephants live in. Your financial support of The Elephant Initiative's  conservation work will shape the future of this highly endangered keystone species. Your partnership will aid in every aspect of  elephant rescues from trekking camps and illegal logging to land acquisitions for sanctuary, to  elephants’ nutritional and medical needs. As a nonprofit, we deeply rely on your generosity to achieve these goals.


In a perfect world, Asian elephants would live freely to roam the planet, but sadly this is not the case. They have been slaves for too long, and the one thing we can give them is sanctuary. The costs of supporting ethical sanctuary vary. It takes US$30.00 to feed an elephant daily and, US$30,000 or more for an elephant rescue.


Will you help us help them - because their survival is in our hands. 

The Elephant Initiative is a certified 501(c)(3) organization and all donations are tax deductible. The Elephant Initiative's  EIN is: 84-4349527

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