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Gazing Back: Reflections in the Rearview Mirror

Happy New Year everyone! At The Elephant Initiative 2023 swept by like  a whirlwind. We had a year of steadfast achievements (including rebranding) and shared success with the support of our friends. 365 days a year we work side by side with our donors and supporters. And as we gaze back at 2023 we are grateful for the work we have accomplished with all of you. 

In 2023, we held three local fundraisers in Austin, TX, and beyond. Our first fundraiser took place on World Elephant Day. We partnered with different businesses and raised funds for Sopa, who was then Elephant Nature Park's newest rescue. Locally in Austin, we collaborated with Asti Trattoria, Swift’s Attic, and Eldorado Cafe. In California and Taos, NM, we partnered with Low Tide Wines and Michelle’s. This collaborative effort, along with our Sopa campaign, assisted in ongoing vet care and dietary needs for Sopa.

Our second  fundraiser was in support of India’s The Jumbo Troops. We hosted an in person event in Austin along with an online auction that ended at the event. We are pleased with the outcome and these funds along with donations from our donors  allow the elephant conservation work  in West Bengal to continue. These funds provide continuing education for the children of Deomini, forest based feeding solutions for the elephants,  support for the elephant monitoring team and many other needs to keep humans and elephants safe. 

Our final and third fundraiser took place in Austin at Ten Thousand Villages. This is our fifth

year to partner with them and these funds will support feeding  the elephants at  Elephant Nature Park. They are a hungry herd! 

As 2023 has wrapped, we look forward to what 2024 holds. At the Elephant Initiative we will continue our fight for the plight of the Asian elephants and  with your continued support and love we can accomplish many things.  Stay tuned for the year ahead! 

With trunkloads of love,


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