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Elephant Droppings - 2021 in Review

Happy New Year Y'all!

What happened! 2021 is now in our rear view mirror and we are cruising right on into 2022. But before we leave this past COVID filled year in the dust, we are jazzed to share some of our "elephant droppings" that occurred over the past 12 months. We were involved in supporting many struggling ethical projects across Southeast Asia and with the help of our donors and our yearly World Elephant Day fundraising event we've helped not only the elephants of Southeast Asia but their communities as well. This is how we've spread the love:

  • We've raised funds for the Jumbo Troops in India. These funds were used to assist them in creating and executing strategies to reduce the human/elephant conflict in India.

  • We've raised funds for Save Elephant Foundation. These monies were used to feed the elephants of Thailand and to support the local farmers and therefore community by the purchasing of the produce for the elephants.

  • We've spearheaded the Voice for Asian Elephants Society online global auction which raised over 8.6K for their "Restoring Tea Plantation Corridors for West Bengal Elephants" project.

  • And last but not least! We've kept the bellies of the ellies at the Care for Elephants project full by ordering gourmet elephant "cakes" from Asian Elephants Projects in Thailand at the turn of every holiday. These cakes are absolutely stunning and we've included our NYE cake below for your viewing pleasure!

We want to thank you for joining our herd on this journey and we look forward to saving more elephants in 2022!

Warm Regards,

Melinda Pharr

Founder of Elephants Austin

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