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Trick or Treat...what did they eat.

Halloween came right on time for the elephants of the #careforelephants project in Thailand and they were definitely served treats with our giant elephant cake. The special Halloween gourmet cake had many tasty ingredients. The 1st tier of the base was made using cooked rice and corn, powdered rice husks, protein pellets, salt and mashed bananas all molded into an oval shape, with a second tier base in purple using sweet potatoes. The elaborate letters were expertly carved from watermelon and pumpkin by the artists Ben and Jin.

We want to thank our supporters for their generous donations because it is exactly what feeds these gals. COVID has devastated the entire country of Thailand and the elephants have been starving. These fruit cakes have been essential for the sustainability of the elephants and the humans that help them. If you would like to support our gifts of cakes to feed the elephants bellies please do! Here is our link:

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