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With trunks trumpeting, we march towards 2021.

With humbled hearts we say goodbye to 2020 and for most of us it couldn't come soon enough. Due to Covid-19 the world became tired and beaten, but we also pulled together in so many ways. Elephants Austin would like to share what we've accomplished together with your continued support and to thank you from the bottom of our hearts during this past year. We wish you all a safe and wonderful year ahead in 2021!

In July we sponsored a much needed shelter for Baby Mali and her mother, Gulap for the Gentle Giants Stay Home Project. This shelter keeps them safe and out of harms way at night. They get to roam freely during the day.

On World Elephant Day, August 12th we raised emergency funds in partnership with Ten Thousand Villages for Elephant Nature Park in Thailand. The park has been in much need of funds since their closure due to Covid-19.

In September we gifted Samui Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand with much needed funds to assist with their ongoing operations during this difficult time.

We've developed a reading program called "Elephants Austin Reads" and will be educating children about the plight of the Asian elephants. We've partnered with a Canadian indie author and will be using her book, "Roxi the Rescue Dog Helps Elephants". Check out her website!

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