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Five More Sleeps for Sopa!

World Elephant Day is Saturday, August 12th and the countdown is ON! We are so happy to be campaigning for granny Sopa’s care at Elephant Nature Park in Thailand. We thank our supporters who have donated and let’s not stop now! No amount is too small and together we can elevate our impact!

Help us reach our 3k goal for our gal, Sopa.

For inspiration, watch our Sopa short and see the detes below! She shows that age is just a number when the chains are off and freedom reigns.

Sopa Factoids

  • SOPA has spent her entire life working as a slave for the tourist industry in Thailand.

  • A $40,000 campaign was started for her freedom and Elephants Austin donated $10,000.

  • On May 20, 2023, her chains were removed and SOPA started her 24 hour journey to her new home at Elephant Nature Park (ENP) sanctuary.

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