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Let's Feed Sopa for World Elephant Day!

World Elephant Day is quickly approaching and it is with great pleasure to announce this year's campaign is all about Sopa! We are asking our supporters to help feed Sopa, a newly rescued Asian elephant residing at Elephant Nature Park in Thailand. World Elephant Day is on Saturday, August 12th and we are hoping that you will help with our quest. No amount is too small as we are a collective.

HEY! Watch our video to see all of the details about this beautiful girl and our mission for World Elephant Day.

  • Elephants Austin is proud to announce the rescue of 82 yr old Asian elephant, SOPA.

  • SOPA has spent her entire life working as a slave for the tourist industry in Thailand.

  • A $40,000 campaign was started for her freedom and Elephants Austin was able to donate $10,000.

  • On May 20, 2023, her chains were removed and SOPA started her 24 hour journey to her new home at Elephant Nature Park (ENP) sanctuary.

  • SOPA has a special regulated diet overseen by the Vet Team at ENP.

  • Those donating $50 or more will have an Elephant "fruit cake" purchased with the recipient's name gifted to them.

Your Donation Today Feeds Sopa Tomorrow

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